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Discover the Festivities of San Isidro

If you are visiting Madrid in May, you're in luck because the legendary San Isidro Festivities will be beginning. Every year for six consecutive days, around the 15th of May, you can enjoy one of the most popular celebrations in Madrid. 

The Festivities of San Isidro are held to commemorate the patron saint of Madrid, Isidro Labrador (Isidore the Farmer). During these days, all the people of Madrid dress up and take to the streets. The city becomes a huge stage, with parades, live music, gastronomic stops, pilgrimages, and much more. Don’t miss it.

Learn more about the Festivities of San Isidro 

  • Typical cuisine: One of the gastronomic traditions of the Festivities of San Isidro is “rosquillas”. Sounds good, doesn't it? Don't leave town without trying them. There are four varieties of rosquillas: the tontas (the most traditional) made with egg; the listas made with egg and glaze; the Santa Clara made with white meringue; and the francesas made with almonds. A real treat!
  • Many of the events that take place during the Festivities of San Isidro are related to water because Isidro Labrador is said to have had the gift of finding water. This tradition is behind the Blessing of the Water of the Fountain ceremony and the consecration to the saint, among others. 

These are definitely dates to mark on your calendar. Come and stay at Gran View Apartments, the best place to experience Madrid like a local. We look forward to seeing you!

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