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The Best Hiking Routes in Madrid

December 21, 2023

Valmayor Reservoir Circuit

If you are looking for easy hiking routes in Madrid, we recommend the Valmayor Reservoir Circuit, a relaxed and ideal experience to enjoy with the family. It has spectacular views and is ideal for fishing, cycling, walking, and even water activities, such as rowing and paddle boarding. You can get there by car or bus. It is definitely the perfect place to enjoy nature without travelling too far from Madrid. 

La Pedriza and El Yelmo Circular Route

This popular route runs clockwise until you reach the Giner de Los Ríos refuge, and then, from there, it leads up to the high rocky terrain of La Pedriza. This route takes you through valleys and forests until you finally reach the spectacular views from the summit of El Yelmo. Don't miss it!

Cascadas del Purgatorio Route in Rascafría

Imagine walking through dense pine and oak forests accompanied by the soothing sound of flowing water and discovering breathtaking waterfalls. On this route, you can also cross the Perdón Bridge, declared a National Historic-Artistic Heritage Site, which is in impeccable condition despite being built in 1390. This is one of Madrid's best medium-difficulty hiking routes and is well worth discovering. 

Lozoya River Gorges

The Lozoya River Gorges is possibly one of the most beautiful hiking routes in the mountains of Madrid. It's easy, although it is quite high in some sections. The route follows the course of the river and takes approximately two and a half hours, ending at the Pontón de la Oliva Dam and a hermitage, an excellent place to stop to eat if you bring a sandwich or snack. 

Cercedilla to Boca del Asno

The route starts in the Guadarrama Mountains, specifically at the Cercedilla Train Station. From Cercedilla, the route crosses green meadows and lush forests, providing panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. After a moderate distance, you reach Boca del Asno, a spot on the banks of the Eresma River. This place is perfect for a picnic and a rest, so be sure to enjoy it!


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