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Hiking in Madrid: Routes in Casa de Campo

October 14, 2021

Route starting at Príncipe Pío

First of all, here is a circular route of medium difficulty that takes approximately 5 hours and starts at the eastern end of the lake, next to Príncipe Pío station. If you walk north from the lake to the roundabout at Puerta de Las Moreras, pass through a tunnel and access point from the M-30, you reach the Escuela de Cantería. Go around it to the left and you will come to an area of pine woods, which leads to Casa de las Vacas. Then cross the railway line and continue south, following the brick wall that marks the park's boundaries. The terrain now becomes uneven, and rather wilder. On reaching the Puente de la Culebra (Culebra Bridge), you will see the hermitage of San Pedro, part of the Zoo, and the Amusement Park. A path leads to the Pinar de las Siete Hermanas pine grove and finally around the south bank of the lake until you reach the end of the route. A complete and highly recommended option to make the most of a day's hiking in Madrid with friends or your partner.

Route with children

If you are looking for an excursion suitable for children, this is the option for you! It starts at the car park next to the lake and goes around the lake until it reaches the Partida de Sabatini aqueduct. You can also enjoy the views from the viewpoints in this area and show your children Madrid from a different perspective, surrounded by nature. From there, you can go to the central forest track along a flat path, which is also suitable for pushchairs. After one kilometre, you reach an intersection with a tarmac road. Take the left-hand path back to the starting point. Once there, you can stroll around the lake or sit and relax on one of the lakeside benches. An easy route, with no hills, less than 3 kilometres long and with great potential. Don’t miss it!

Must-see spots in Casa de Campo

Alternatively, if you want to take a leisurely stroll through the park without following a fixed route, we can tell you which parts of Casa de Campo you should make a point of visiting. 

First of all, the lake is the star of this area. It is a huge artificial pond, perfect for boating, canoeing or just watching the Madrid sunset. The Madrid cable car is another alternative to see the city from above. It is an 11-minute ride that connects Pintor Rosales station to the heart of Casa de Campo. 

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