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How the taxi service works in Madrid

Septiembre 12, 2022

How to order a taxi

There are currently around 15,000 taxis in Madrid, so finding one is not complicated. As in most European cities, there are many ways to order a taxi: hailing one with a green light in the street is the classic option, but nowadays, you can also use apps like TXMAD or Free Now to order one.

Calling a taxi dispatcher is another way of contacting a taxi driver, and you can find multiple phone numbers on the Internet depending on the area.

Prices and payment

The Madrid City Council has established fares for taxi journeys, depending on distance, day of the week, time of day, and other factors. In general, a trip from Barajas Airport to the city centre costs €30. This website contains all the information about the 2022 fares. On the other hand, you should know you can pay in cash or by credit card in all Madrid taxis.

Travelling with children or pets

If you wish to take a taxi with a baby or a child, some taxis are adapted and have approved child seats for safe travel. However, it is important to ask the driver before the journey to ensure they are available. If you bring a pet with you, unless it is a guide dog (taxi drivers are required to allow them), each driver is free to decide whether to allow it in the taxi and under what conditions. However, there are pet-friendly taxi companies such as Taxiguau.

Chauffeur-driven vehicles

In addition to the classic Madrid taxi service, there are also PHV companies such as Uber, Bolt and Cabify. These are chauffeur-driven cars that can carry passengers. They always display a visible sticker with the distinctive emblem of the autonomous region where the service is provided. Typically, they operate through a secure payment service and use a mobile application to manage the journey and payment.

Now that you know how to get around Madrid by taxi, it will be easier than ever to get to our amazing apartments in the city centre. Remember that, at Gran View Apartments, we will be happy to help you with any questions you may have about Madrid. We look forward to seeing you!

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