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How to acquire a tourist travel pass in Madrid

May 17, 2022

First of all, if you're still not familiar with how the Madrid Metro works, you can read this post, and once you've got the basic information clear, we can explain how the tourist travel pass -also known as the "tourist card"- works. This type of travel pass will allow you to use all public transport in the Autonomous Region of Madrid without limits during its validity period, making it extremely cost-effective. 


The tourist pass is valid for a specified number of days from the date you use it for the first time. You can use it for the first time whenever you want, it does not have to be on the day of purchase. It can also be used for night services until 05:00 hours on the last day of validity. There are tourist transport passes for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7 days.

Which pass should you choose based on your area?

You can choose the pass for two zones: A or T.

If you are going to travel mainly in the city centre, we recommend using the zone A pass, as it includes the following services:

  • Madrid Metro in fare zone A (Madrid Capital) including the 3 euro supplement for the T1-T2-T3 Airport Metro station and the T4 Airport station.
  • All EMT blue city bus lines (except the yellow buses covering the 24-hour Airport Express line).
  • Zones 0 and A of the Renfe Madrid suburban train network.
  • The Light Railway ML1.

However, if you also want to enjoy areas around Madrid, the best option is the T zone pass, with which you can travel in the following areas:

  • All Metro zones (fare zones A, B1, B2 and B3).
  • All EMT blue urban bus lines (zone A) and intercity green bus lines in the Autonomous Region of Madrid (except the Airport Express) including services to Guadalajara and Toledo. It covers the 8 fare zones (6 in the Autonomous Region of Madrid and 2 in Castilla-La Mancha) and the entire geographical range of Travel Passes, from zone A to zone E2.
  • The entire Renfe suburban network in Madrid, including services to Guadalajara on the C-2 suburban line.
  • Light Railway lines ML2 and ML3 and the Parla Tramway line ML4.

How and where to buy the tourist travel pass?

You will have to upload it to your Tarjeta Multi card (free if you do it for the first time). You can acquire the card and upload the tourist travel pass at all Metro stations, at the Airport T4 suburban train station, at the headquarters of the Madrid Regional Transport Consortium, at tobacconists and other authorised points of sale, and at Light Railway stations. 


Depending on the number of days covered by the travel pass and the zones, prices range from 8 to 70 euros. You can check the exact fares on the official Madrid Transport Consortium website, where you can also find information on discounts and special fares for children. 

Finally, remember that at Gran View Apartments, we will be happy to help you if you have any other questions about Madrid, while you enjoy our fully equipped apartments in the heart of the city, as well as our facilities: gym, sauna, terrace, pool, rooftop bar and much more.

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